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Hey you! Yeah YOU! Election day is on the way!!

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I woke up looking at the clock when it hit me, again. My pop died eleven years ago today, almost to the minute as I make this post. So many memories. We were like brothers. No words can describe how much I miss him. We’ll always love you.




(Old Man Kelsey’s Woods, USA) March 28, 2016—Today, Ernest T. Bass announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America.

Mr. Bass was standing alone near the east end of Old Man Kelsey’s Lake, just past the wood barn that once belonged to Ben Weaver and his wife Margaret, to declare his candidacy.

To support Mr. Bass and his run for the White House, we humbly ask that you help him spread the word, and consider owning the one and only ever Ernest T. Bass for Presadent T-Shirt, designed by ET Bass (with his misspellings because we didn’t have the heart to correct him).  shop now!


Hi all!

It’s Thursday March 3, 2016. I just wanted to let all y’all’s know that we’re working vigorously behind the scenes on a new store. New T-shirt designs are in the oven and I think you’re gonna love ’em. I can’t say much more than that, other than if you’re as confused, perplexed, and dare I say flat out entertained by all of the political wrangling by the candidates for the next US president, then you absolutely wanna keep an eye on this page over the next couple of weeks for a bigger-than-Trump type of announcement.

Best regards,

David Morris


It has been an entire decade since my father passed away. Seems like a long time. However, for me, the loss remains fresh. When someone so special leaves us, time does soften the blow, but only to some degree.

I have shared various details about Howard in previous posts over the years. I’ve done so not only to provide how wonderful he was, but really, how important he was to those that were close to him, family or otherwise.

In the years prior to his passing, I worked with Howard to educate him about this site. It was like trying to explain directly to Ernest T. what the World Wide Web is, and why web sites exist. Believe me it was not easy! However, once I uploaded our first message from Howard to his fans, a tremendous lightbulb lit up on his face. He realized that the Internet was merely another stage calling upon him to perform.

Dad, this site is an ongoing tribute to all that you were, and still are for so many folks. I love you forever.

Kind regards to all!