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I want to acknowledge the passing of two important friends.  The first was the wonderful Richard Dawson.  As many of you know, my father directed a number of Hogan’s Heroes episodes.  Simply put, Howard loved Richard, and Richard adored Howard.  One great childhood memory I have was from the early 1970s.  It was Christmas eve.  I was five, maybe six.   At about 10 p.m., our doorbell rang.  My mother and father were suspicious of who it could’ve been being that it was late, but Howard opened the door regardless.  In danced Santa Claus and two of his helpers.  I remember Santa having a big bag of gifts over his shoulder.  He ran down a small flight of stairs to our living room, opened the bag and placed a bunch of gifts under our tree. There were gifts for my folks and my sister and me.  Santa let out a number of big jolly laughs.  He then said he had to make more deliveries, and ran out!  Obviously, Santa was Richard.  My folks knew him as “Dickie” until he started up on Family Feud.  Santa’s little helpers were Richard’s two young boys, Gary and Mark. My folks were taken completely by surprise. We had no idea Richard was going to do this.  We’ll never forget.

The second person is Ray Bradbury.  I met Ray a couple of times over the years, although I did not know him well.  He and Howard became close on a film that Ray wrote called “The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit.”  Howard had a few bits in the film with Sid Caesar.  I remember Ray being very kind.  He had a lot of admiration for Howard, and vice versa.  I appreciated the brief but special moments that I had with Ray.  I remember my father had given him a copy of a short film my father and I made in the early 1990s called “The Other Side of Hope.”  Howard starred in it with the amazing Robert Guillaume.  The film was not a comedy.  It touched on some serious end of life issues.  Even though Ray knew my father from comedy, he went out of his way to tell me he had seen the film, and how much he enjoyed it.  Howard already knew Ray’s reaction, but I had no idea that my father had sent Ray a copy.  This was a very special moment, totally unexpected.  Thank you, Ray.


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Thinking about those who gave everything they had for our freedom. Thank you to those who’ve survived, and to those who continue to fight.

My father was in WWII.  He was a sargent in the army, and spent a lot of time in the pacific.

Please feel free to share your memories and experiences.

Very best wishes to all,



This is my first post on the revamped site!  I think the timing is interesting because today, May 21st, has tremendous significance.  It was seven years ago today that the world lost my father and best friend, the great Howard Morris.  It’s truly a somber moment for many folks, but it’s also a time to reflect and call upon so many wonderful memories.

From this standpoint, my dad’s fans are his extended family.  That’s right, I said “are.”  I’d like to welcome all of you to the new and improved site.  The site was recently overhauled by the great Allan Newsome and I think he did a terrific job.  I’ll be visiting and checking in often, sometimes I’ll post messages (you can post in “comments” below plus read my replys) and definitely check out the new offerings we’ve made available at our new store where you can buy t-shirts and other fun items  https://ernestt.com/bass/store/

Until my second post, sincerely,
David Morris


Ernest T. Bass for Presadent T-Shirt ModelBig news today – Howard Morris T-Shirts and other collectables are now available!

David Morris (Howard Morris’ son) has created a number of fun items featuring the incredible Howard Morris!

It’s been nearly 9 years since David and his father have released souvenirs featuring Howard’s image, so this is a very special moment. The new items are exclusively designed by David Morris.

The only authorized place on the web to purchase is:  https://ernestt.com/bass/store/


Click Image for larger view

Click Image for larger view


Got Rocks?

got rocks?

Hi Folks!

David Morris (Howard Morris’ son) is in the process of finalizing newly designed T-shirts and other items featuring his dad!

As many of you know, it’s been nearly 9 years since he and his father have released souvenirs of Howard.

The new shirts are being designed by David Morris himself.

Stay tuned to this page or sign up via the “Fan Club” link above to get the official availability notice.

We’ve been told to expect the announcement soon, so stay tuned!

David Morris Rocks

David Morris Rocks

Howdy do to you and you!

Here’s something ErnestT.com fans would want to know about for certain.

Ernest T.’s real life son may not be throwing rocks but he is “playing” rock.

David Morris, son of Howard Morris, has been busy recording a solo rock album dedicated to his dad. Many folks won’t know that “Ernest T.” started out as a drummer and bought David a drum set  when he was about 10.


David Morris – Picture an Accident

Check out and purchase David’s “rock” album called “Picture an Accident” by visiting the albums web site.




Two Chairs No Waiting 34: Howard Morris Interview

Two Chairs No Waiting - Andy Griffith Show Fan Podcast 34: Howard Morris Interview

Two Chairs No Waiting 34: Howard Morris Interview

This original interview was recorded on 26 June 1998 in Kingsport, TN. You can hear Howard interrupting the interview with Bernard Fox back in Episode 19 of Two Chairs No Waiting if you want to hear a bit more of Howard.