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Hand Signed Rubber Rocks!

STILL AVAILABLE – FEB 2017 – This is a very special situation. Howard’s son, David, recently found a number of spongy rubber rocks in storage –>hand signed by Howard Morris himself back in 2002/2003! David conducted the signings with his late father. A black Sharpie ink pen was used. Some rocks have the words “E.T. Bass” while others have “Howard Morris.” These spongy rocks are one of the rarest finds of any Howard Morris or Ernest T. Bass signed collectable. Condition of rocks range from GOOD to VERY GOOD. All rock sales are final and cannot be returned.

Click the images below to enlarge.

Signed as “E.T. Bass” Price: $49.00 ea. 

Signed as “Howard Morris” Price: $49.00 ea. 



Most orders ship out within 1 day!