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Howard’s Phone Message

Dear friends,
While reading through all the heartfelt messages so many of you posted on the memorial pages (no longer active), I have been trying to come up with a worthy equal as “thanks” for such an incredible outpouring of love, memories, and support.

Since his passing, I’ve not been able to turn off Howard’s home phone out of a fear of experiencing even more separation from him. Then it hit me. Why not give something back, and share more of him with you?

So, here it is, Howard’s actual home phone number. Feel free to leave a message for Howard if you like. I’m sure he would love it.

Howard Morris: 323-933-XXXX
(Update: We’re sorry but the number is now disconnected. Thank you for your messages.)

Please note, the voicemail may have a limit to the amount of messages, so on occasion I’ll have to clear them to make room.

Thank you all for the beautiful posts.

David Morris