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17 Years Ago Today

Here it is again. Another anniversary of the passing of my great father, now at year 17.

That’s a pretty long time, but to me it doesn’t feel like 17 years. I am amazed at how fresh his passing still feels.

I remember all of the details of that day. A day that seemed impossible just moments beforehand.

That strange feeling radiating around in my chest, best described as an amplified sensation of shock and heartache. I get this sensation less as time marches on, but I’m feeling it right now.

I have matured since that day, and naturally I have adjusted as good as can be expected to this huge loss. None of us have a choice in this. We must find ways to regain happiness without those special family members, or great friends, or even great pets.

Cutting is the key and it’s a good thing. Do it as fast as possible. The sooner you can the better. However, it took me about 10 years.

Cutting doesn’t mean a complete emotional cut. It’s about cutting off the pain from loss, and moving on to accepting your new world.

Howard would say “Life is for the living.”

I will face this day, head on, again, and practice his wise advice.

What about some laughs? Perhaps “Mountain Wedding” is on tap today.

RIP Maggie Peterson, Betty Lynn, and ETB -with love.

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