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Howard Morris (1919-2005)

Howard Morris

Howard Morris at the TV Land Awards

Dear friends,
I have extremely sad news to report of my dear father, Howard, who suddenly passed away this afternoon (May 21, 2005).

He was without a doubt the most amazing father.

In show business, Howard Morris “the star” was one in a trillion, a true genius, and an entertainment dynamo. So many “greats” in this business followed his career with incredible admiration and respect. I for one am one of his biggest fans!

The Andy Griffith Show became a major part of my father’s life. He appeared in only five episodes. Regardless, he made a permanent impression on so many people, and was always amazed by and grateful for all of the love and support his fans gave to him.

I shared with Howard every bit of mail that came in, so I know firsthand how important your cards, emails, and gifts were to him over the years.

All I can really say now is that I miss him beyond words.

Thank you for being there!

David Morris


I have some trouble to report about me for 2003 & 2004. I spent a lot of time in the hospital dealing with a circus of doctors, nurses, medicine, needles, wheelchairs, visitors, pain, tears, and bad food. All of this stuff and more ’till discharge.

Dreaming of the outside I became involved in remembering and reflecting on all of the fans and your support. After all the years in this business, it’s a privilege to be reminded of the joy and lovely remembering of all you guys.

The happiness I get from your reminders of my performing past, I thank you and love you always!

Ernest T. Bass
aka Howard Morris

P.S. As of 9-28-04 I am approaching a full recovery!