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19 Years Ago Today

19 years ago today the great Howard Morris departed this life.

His voice and image crosses my mind each day, and each day I strive to live up to his integrity and legacy that he himself built, from practically nothing. I find myself amazed at how well he did in life considering the tremendous obstacles he encountered along the way. He had to be pretty damn tough to navigate through America during the Great Depression, WWII, and along the way develop his abilities as a performer. He had no governmental or financial help. He was of the greatest American generation that may ever be. Somehow, he took on a ton of stress and hardship, working it around and upside down, eventually into one heck of an amazing career, which included one of the funniest characters to grace The Andy Griffith Show.

This note marks a milestone of sorts being that it is just one year shy of twenty years since Howard’s passing. I remember that day as though it has just happened. On each anniversary I anticipate the exact time he passed, which is as I write this.

This is one of the many ways I pay tribute and honor my father. I have some friends that occasionally ask me to do impressions of ET Bass. I was somewhat uncomfortable at first. But after seeing their reactions, I realized that I do know the lines, and I can recite them pretty well. When I look in the mirror I see hints of my father looking back at me. I can tweak my voice, so what the heck?! What is the harm? There is none because it’s all about having fun. Bringing ET Bass to life still works, gets big laughs, and brings me closer to HM. Even though I am only doing an impersonation, I am a very lucky son to be able to share, as close as humanly possible, how powerful and special Howard was. I am blessed to be in these shoes.

Until next year, I love you, Dad!



18 Years Ago Today

18 years ago now. HM is suddenly gone, forever.

I remain, however, and am more or less in the same place in terms of dealing with the loss of the great HM/ET Bass.

Each passing year means that (naturally and obviously) more healing time has gently placed itself between the physical loss and my emotions. It’s a good thing, actually, and I’m fully committed to accepting it. After all, what choices do I have? I suppose I could resist it and maintain a life full of darkness and pain, constantly denying reality. But that’s a super hard road and kinda stupid!
Not for me.

Instead, and not unlike the movie “Otto” with Tom Hanks, 18 years ago I was handed a heavy set personal life choices.

Bottom line: my father would be glad to know that under the circumstances of his loss, I am as happy as can be, apparently able to successfully navigate both the harsh and calm conditions that make up the vast ocean of his love and legacy.

He made such a deep impression on so many of us.

I’m truly blessed to be the person writing about him.

I will always love you, dad.



17 Years Ago Today

Here it is again. Another anniversary of the passing of my great father, now at year 17.

That’s a pretty long time, but to me it doesn’t feel like 17 years. I am amazed at how fresh his passing still feels.

I remember all of the details of that day. A day that seemed impossible just moments beforehand.

That strange feeling radiating around in my chest, best described as an amplified sensation of shock and heartache. I get this sensation less as time marches on, but I’m feeling it right now.

I have matured since that day, and naturally I have adjusted as good as can be expected to this huge loss. None of us have a choice in this. We must find ways to regain happiness without those special family members, or great friends, or even great pets.

Cutting is the key and it’s a good thing. Do it as fast as possible. The sooner you can the better. However, it took me about 10 years.

Cutting doesn’t mean a complete emotional cut. It’s about cutting off the pain from loss, and moving on to accepting your new world.

Howard would say “Life is for the living.”

I will face this day, head on, again, and practice his wise advice.

What about some laughs? Perhaps “Mountain Wedding” is on tap today.

RIP Maggie Peterson, Betty Lynn, and ETB -with love.


16 Years Ago Today


Dad, you are so dearly missed. We will always love you.


Carl Reiner

A very very dear friend, Carl, passed away last night.

I will write more about our relationship with him, soon.

Thank you, Carl, for being there.

With love, David 


15 Years Ago Today

My father passed away 15 years ago today. If you have followed my previous posts marking this significant date, you will see how sad previous years have been, not just for me, but for so many others he touched. Oddly, this is the first time in 15 years that I truly am relieved that he is no longer with us. Howard was a force. A performer. He craved putting it all out there, putting it all on the line pleasing and getting that tremendous feedback wave from his audiences. Covid-19 changed all of that by shutting in so many talented older folks, just like Howard. I have some very talented friends now locked inside, as though in prison. They have been emotionally hobbled and can no longer do what they do. These are funny people that thrive on being funny, now struggling to make it through each day. This virus has been rough on all of us. It is a horrible way to live life. For performers and entertainers it is devastating, akin to the millions of folks who have lost their jobs with no hope in sight.

Howard, had he still been alive, would have lived in Los Angeles, a city in total lockdown with an unknown and unpredictable path towards reopening. I have no doubt Howard would’ve suffered massive depression by this point.

So I say to you, my dear father, as much as I wish you were still here, I am relieved that you do not have to suffer through this. You already dealt with enough good as well as crap in your life.

I love you, dad. Always have, always will.



14 Years Ago Today

It was 14 years ago today that we lost one of the greatest human beings, Howard Morris.

I will never forget this date for as long as I’m around.  May 21, 2005 is historic.

He was so very special.  I can’t describe with words the gravity of this loss.  For me, 14 years is as good as 14 minutes.

He loved the show, loved Ernest T. Bass, and he loved all of you, his fans. This site was a very special place for him.  His creativity and his interactivity with you was and still is so very special.

My mission is to keep this site alive in his memory, and for you, Howard’s dear fans.

I love you, dad. —>Always have, always will.